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Art at Cheslyn

Cheslyn house and gardens were left to Watford by Henry & Daisy Colbeck. The house and gardens are a real gem to Watford.

From May through to October we are once again hosting art exhibitions in the house. 

Entry to the house is free. 

Looking to gain some gallery experience or even to volunteer sometime back into the local community? We're looking for individuals to help with the exhibitions at Cheslyn by volunteering their time to steward and potentially help with the admin and hanging of exhibitions at the house. If you are interested please click here.

If you have any questions about volunteering at Cheslyn please do not hesitate to email us here.

Open October Thursday – Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Workshops will be taking place and are in the process of being booked. 

Programme for 2024:

10  May - 10 June 2024 : 

Tannaz Oroumchi -
An exhibition on an artistic look at Watford's architecture. Taking an abstract approach to architectural drawing to develop more experimental ways of creating and constructing buildings.  To see more of Tannaz Oroumchi's work click here.
June - BE
EE Creative - An exhibition of works from a recent project ran by BEEE Creative.
Cheslyn Summer art festival - open to local artists to exhibit and sell their work.

1 August - 1 September 2024 
Fran Kershaw -
More information on the artist here

Graeme Roe -
More information on the artist here


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